Everything I know about water.

Water is our lifeblood. Without it, we will die. More than half of our bodies are composed of water. We drink it. We wash in it. We water plants with it. We feed it to our pets. We use it constantly throughout the day. 70% of our planet is covered in it.  It’s everywhere, but it’s also limited. “Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink”… Only about 2% of all water is fresh, with almost 2% of that fresh water trapped away in the ice caps and glaciers.

We currently are transfering the water from one area through bottling processes for our water bottles, soft drinks, and other products–  draining some cities of their local water supplies; and then shipping it thousands of miles away to a different area, and a different water supply, polluting the air in these travels. The rain ultimately brings this pollution down to the ground and back into our water supplies, then it is treated in incredibly intensive processes after which we drink it, bathe in it…

Manufacturing processes for many products (including water bottling) are incredibly water intensive, producing waste water that is undrinkable without intensive cost and energy treatments. Pesticides, oils and other contaminents seep into the water sources. All of these things are incredibly toxic– to humans, animals and plants.

Water is necessary for all life and yet is not once mentioned in the Universal Declartion of Human Rights (UDHR), only indirectly through the mandate of the right to life and the right to a standard of living adaquate for health and wellbeing. This is not really enough. Many people are denied the right to water because of where they born and how much money they have.

Disease is spread through water. Millions die each year from illness carried through untreated, polluted water. Die from illnesses that are very much treatable, or at least preventable.

Canada is abundant in fresh water resources, but we are not protecting our water for our future. It is shared with our neighbors to the south. It is polluted. It is not a top priority and to me, this makes no sense. We all need it to live…

I’ve read that there is sometimes some that escapes the atmosphere and is drifted off into space by solar winds… but I don’t know how big of an issue this really is. I think that’s what happened to Mars over time, so perhaps it could happen to us. But there’s no reason to fear that which we cannot change… so on to other things.

One of the biggest concerns we are not addressing with our water is the pharmaceuticals we are adding to it. We ingest medications; antibiotics, birth control pills, viagra, heart medications, mood elevators, pain medications… some of these medications are excreted through our systems, or flushed into our water systems. Right now this level is relatively low, but if the water system is constant, and we are adding more and more medicines each and every day– the levels will increase. What is the long term effect of constant low level pharmaceticals on the body? No one knows, there haven’t yet been studies. How are these pharmaceticals cleaned out of our systems? They are not all cleaned out, there is no mechanism to even test the levels yet. Is this a problem– I sure think so.

This is not actually everything I know about water… but it’s a start.

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