My thorough disgust with Acer corporation

I am so incredibly fed up with Acer. They were my first call. They were my first inquiry more than six months ago and after all this time I am still at the point of talking to customer service at the base level because I cannot get beyond it.

I’ve sent SEVERAL emails to Acer corporation over the past 6 months. Some asked about whether or not they had an ethical purchasing policy and what this entails if they do. Some expressed my frustration at the hassle I have faced with their corporation. Assuming I am a potentially buying customer, you think I would be treated with some sort of respect. This has not been my experience.

I first called their phone number as advertised on their website, only to reach an automated message that only offered limited options that did not cover what I was calling for. I pressed “0” to try and speak with an operator– and instead I reached an answering machine. I left a message, several days in a row with my name and phone number asking for a call back. No response. No acknowledgement. Nothing.

I called their sales line because I figured I have a question that relates to me purchasing a product (hopefully in the future), so this is slightly sales related. No luck. It was again an automated service and none of the options applied to me. The best option they listed seemed to be sales, so that’s where I went. After being on the phone, put on hold, transferred several times, I finally reached someone. At this point I was redirected to see their website. I said “I have already seen your website. I have read it thoroughly. I did not get my answers here.” and was then hung up on. How rude.

So I called back and tried the option for customer service instead of sales. I was directed to another department, went on hold for about 10 minutes. Then I was asked for a pin number on an automated service. It told me it couldn’t understand my choice, and so I was redirected to a sales representative. I went on hold again for another 10 minutes.

I tried to talk to someone here about the questions I had and expressed my frustration at not being able to reach someone yet after so many calls and emails. I am told to hang up and try yet again another number. I do and I reach another automated service. I am asked for the serial number from my product. Don’t have one. So what do I do? I just say things hoping I will be able to reach an operator or someone live instead of a machine.

Spend the next 10 minutes on hold again. I am then told I will be transferred to “level 2” whatever that means. I get put on hold for another 10 minutes. It starts ringing, and then the automated message says to me “your call cannot be completed at this time” and I am hung up on; AGAIN.

So I call back to the last place I was able to speak with a person and started getting really frustrated. It was the same person I had spoken to previously. I asked if I could please speak to a supervisor or manager or some sort of person who can direct me to where I need to be. I am told that there are no supervisors in this department (really– so who’s your boss??) and that I should just check the website. The representative gets really snarky with me, as I again express my frustration at not getting the help I desire.

After about 5 minutes of frustrating conversation with this person, I ask again to speak to a supervisor or manager. Now I am told they are in a meeting and that I should call back later. I ask how long the meetings usually last. He doesn’t know. What time will they be on shift until? He doesn’t know. When is the best time to usually call to speak to them? He doesn’t know.

So I call back again later. And I am again transferred around to several different locations. I am told again that I need to speak to level 2. Again, on the transfer here, I am hung up on. This has only been repeated over and over again, always with the same result.

What the hell Acer? Do you not value your customers? Clearly, you do not. Not only can I NOT get a straight answer– I can’t get ANY answer or even direction beyond what I assume is “level 1”.

I am forwarding my transcribed notes to your listed email AGAIN hoping that this expression of my frustration will get someone to at least call me back.

Acer– I am disgusted. Not only am I disgusted with your clear lack of an ethical purchasing policy, but I am disgusted with your supposed customer service. As far as I can tell– there is NO customer service at your company. Not only have they hung up on me, repeatedly. They have lied to me, spoken rudely to me… and been just downright disrespectful. This is unacceptable business practice and I am ashamed that I ever purchased an Acer computer.

So I have given up all hope on Acer. I will not call them again unless I receive some sort of response from them (which at this point, I highly doubt). I will continue however to express my thoughts about Acer and detail further my notes, as well as contact media representatives and any that will listen on the subject. As far as I can tell, not only does Acer not have an ethical business policy, it does not have any sort of business policy or customer service that I can ascertain.

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