some sort of response– finally. HP

So finally… well after this project was started– I get some sort of real response. Finally my inquiry was directed to possibly the “right” person.  After soo many dead ends, redirections and frustrations– I think I finally talking to who I need to be talking to.

I just got a call back from someone at HP who told me she would send me fuller details on their product line and the steps they are taking and was able to talk to me about their supply line in some detail.

After admitting they aren’t perfect, she explained to me the steps they are taking to ensure conflict free sourcing. Compared to the other companies I have spoken to, these measures are far and above… however, they are not totally ensuring that no conflict resources are in the product line. They are working towards this– but they are still a ways off.

This frustrates me because they have been taking steps towards this direction for some time– voluntarily (because nobody is yet to enforce it)– and are still at the point where they are not in full control or knowledge of their product line. This means to me that the others who haven’t started or are just beginning are WAY WAY off. oh dear.

Thank you HP for finally getting back to me with some kind of answer. I am looking forward to going through the materials once they reach my inbox in my email. I also appreciate that you tell you me you are willing to work with me and your apology for my struggle so far to just get a straight answer from your company. I hope you will take further steps and that you can be a company I can feel confident about in the future.

Please, continue. It is not yet enough– but I am happy to see progress.

I will look over the materials, scruitinize and write further at that point.

I’m glad you finally got back to me HP, but I cannot in good faith buy your product just yet or label it conflict-free.

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