What the world needs from you.

The world doesn’t need your charity. It needs your service. It doesn’t need your pity, it needs your understanding. It needs your action and your awareness of your own actions.

Most people in the world mean no harm to anyone. They just want to live their lives in peace. They want to have enough food to eat, water to drink and somewhere warm and dry to sleep at night for them and their families. They want dignity and respect in their lives. People need to feel loved and secure. We all have different ways of expressing our security and love. Some people need things to feel loved. Some people need physical closeness to other human beings. Some need space to feel secure. Some people can feel the love all around them in everything and feel safe in the course that the fates will throw at them. Some people are living in hate, in constant violence and insecurity.

And violence only begets more violence. A mind in constant fear has trouble moving forward to other things. A person who feels unloved is alone, and will have difficulty trusting society. We can stop a lot of violence by our own actions. We can spread love instead of hate. We can change the world by our own actions, little by little.

North American lifestyle is highly disconnected. Most people here do not produce or are not connected to their own food or other necessities and daily living materials. It comes to them neatly packaged on a shelf at a store or even through the convenience of the internet, shipped to our doors. Our houses are made for us, and most people have little insight into the overall structural design or uses of their own homes. Our food comes in neat packaging, hardly resembling the original appearance and not reflecting the process it took to get from farm to home. Who harvested the food? Who processed it? Who packaged it and under what conditions? The same with all our other daily living supplies.

We go to work for a company or business or organization for a certain number of hours daily and make a paycheck. We may have no connection to the overall use of what we ourselves are producing. We are entirely disconnected from everything. We are separated from our needs by many, many layers. Simple products can have travelled to 5 different countries and 10 different plants or factories before ever reaching the store.

The world needs us to pay attention. Writing a cheque to a charity is a noble action, but if you really want to be philanthropic, take a look in the mirror and ask yourself, “how is my daily living impacting the rest of the world?”

If you don’t know the answer, try and find out. Where do your daily living needs come from? How many stops have they made along the way? Who has been part of their production? Have human rights abuses occured in their production? What environmental damage have they done along the way to get to our homes? How can we minimize this damage and abuse?

The greatest way to save the world is to change yourself and your own habits.

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