Brain on vacation…

So I am back from my extended month long vacation from blogging and I feel like a new person- with a new mission. To create a peace resource that speaks to people and allows them to understand about the underlying causes of conflict, how it manifests the way that it does and the latest strategies in existence to transform the conflict into non-violent forms. To allow them to learn about conflict and peace strategies from the comfort of their own home, wherever they are in the world.

Conflict is my life. I read the newspaper in the morning while watching the international news searching for the latest global strife. I scan through my favorite reporting sites for global conflicts several times a day, and watch my RSS feeder for new stories every time I turn on my computer; I read articles; and I write. Constantly. I find myself distracted from work with thoughts of conflict and sometimes even must take a break from that work to get some thoughts out of my head.

We are about to start two new sections here at A Peace of Conflict. The first will be be a media watch and will be accessible through the top menu bar under the title “Media Watch”. This section will feature links to breaking news as we spot them about conflicts or solutions throughout the world.

The second section will be an ongoing peace and conflict dictionary/glossary of terms. This section will require collaboration and constant updating. We will begin defining some of the most important terms to conflict transformation and peace studies based on our own studies and research. If you feel the terms are lacking/incomplete or inaccurate– PLEASE let us know and we will update them accordingly.

Thank you to all our fabulous readers and your many encouraging comments! Remember, we are always looking for submissions (from everyone, regardless of education/background!) or feedback on how to make our site better! Personal narratives and poetry are always welcome, along with researched pieces, as long as they are original (ie. not reprinted elsewhere).

Hope you will enjoy our new sections! Happy reading!




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