Human Security Report Project- Afghanistan and Pakistan conflict monitoring

Dear readers,

I received the following email from the Human Security Report Project who are looking for feedback on their new website. Please check it out and be sure to let them know what you think!


The Human Security Report Project (HSRP) just launched a new Conflict Monitors website and I thought this might be of interest to you and the readers of your blogs:

The Conflict Monitors provide concise and current information on peace and security issues in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Each Monitor is a comprehensive knowledge hub that contains the best available news, research, and data.  The Conflict Monitors website consolidates our popular blogs, the Afghanistan Conflict Monitor and Pakistan Conflict Monitor, and now provides interactive charts and maps illustrating trends in violent incidents and civilian casualties in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The data visualized in the Conflict Monitors are from a variety of datasets and statistical sources created by organizations around the world. Here is a sample of the statistics we are presenting:

Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan

The Afghanistan Conflict Monitor presents statistics on civilian casualties based on data from:

  • The UN Mission to Afghanistan (UNAMA).
  • The Uppsala Conflict Data Program.

Trends in civilian casualties from Improvised Explosive Device (IED) attacks as well as the toll for humanitarian workers and journalists are also presented.

Learn more about civilian casualties in Afghanistan

Civilian Casualties in Pakistan

The Pakistan Conflict Monitor presents statistics on civilian casualties based on data from the Uppsala Conflict Data Program. Additional charts show trends in civilian casualties for a number of targeted groups including:

  • Humanitarian workers.
  • Journalists.
  • Government officials.
  • Religious worshippers.

Learn more about civilian casualties in Pakistan

Content from the Conflict Monitors is available through a variety of methods and I invite you to subscribe if you have not done so already:

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What do you think?

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