This Week in the World in Conflict… February 27th-March 5th, 2012.

  • The UN-mandate University for Peace’s Centre for Executive Education is offering an online course on Skills for Effective Negotiations starting March 15th.
  • The Center on International Cooperation completed its Annual Review of Global Peace Operations 2012, covering both UN and non-UN peace operations during 2011.
  • A report by the UN’s Inter-Parliamentary Union expressed concern at the “worryingly low” and barely increasing number of women serving in Parliaments around the world. The report covered 188 countries claiming only 19.5% of the world’s lawmakers are women, and that only 20 countries had parliaments where at least one-third of deputies were women.
  • The World Bank announced on Wednesday that developing countries appear to have already met a UN goal to halve extreme poverty in the world’s poorest countries by 2015, thanks mainly to China’s economic boom.
  • Twenty-five suspected members of the Anonymous hacking movement were arrested in a sweep across South America and Europe in Operation Unmask.
  • Arms sales at the 100 biggest arms makers reportedly grew 1% in 2010, adjusted for currency fluctuations, to $411 billion, defying the global downturn according to Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. The report did not include Chinese arms supplies worldwide and only had limited data on Russian arms manufacturers.
  • The international body dedicated to removal of chemical weapons discussed the destruction of chemical weapons stockpiles in Libya and the existence of possible similar stockpiles in Syria during talks this week.
  • The University of Groningen (Netherlands) and the University of Sousse (Tunisia) announced a joint summer school on democracy and transitional justice. Registration will take place until April 13, 2012.

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