A peace of conflict is a journal about conflict and exploring ways to transform conflict non-violently. It’s about showing the violence around the world in its cultural, structural and direct manifestations. It’s about reflections on violence and long-winded rants about political systems, poverty, hunger and war…  It’s mostly whatever draws me into the world of peace and conflict at the moment. I am fairly critical of most governments, democracy, international financial institutions, so-called international “development” projects, international aid, charities, the work of NGOs, humanitarianism in general and global systems, and like to pick them apart whenever possible.

I have been having a reading marathon on transarmament and civilian-based defense techniques for the last little while and am hoping to write more on that in the coming years. I have previously focused my research towards conflict resources, particularly those in the Great Lakes Basin and West Africa, where I spent the last couple of years working. I also thoroughly enjoy tracking both well-known and some of the more obscure global conflicts and updating the details in my weekly conflict reports.  I am currently looking for better English news sites that best cover Central or South American conflicts or human rights issues, etc., and would love any reader suggestions!

This publication started with funding through ASAP at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario as a hard copy bi-monthly journal co-created by Rebecca Sargent and Heather Wilhelm. It was meant to detail conflict around the world to help students in the Global Studies program understand some of the more obscure wars that were going on in the world, different conflict transformation methods and paths to peace.

This website was created, written and is solely maintained by Rebecca Sargent.

Please no advertising in comments- they will not be posted. This is a place to express thoughts and ideas about peace and conflict– not to sell your wares. If you have a link that you feel should be included with some of  the websites I find most useful or interesting below– please send it to apeaceofconflict@gmail.com and I will try my best to post it.

Everything on this site is done on a not-for-profit basis with volunteer hours. I apologize for any ads that may be seen on the page. I do not support or endorse any of their products or services. I also do not fully endorse the views expressed on any link that may be found on the site. 

Debate is part of the process and differing opinions are thoroughly enjoyed. 

Do you disagree with what I say completely?: Write me about it and I will gladly print your article with the opposing view as long as it is done with respectful language and cites sources in some fashion.  I love dialogue and would love to hash out differing opinions and will always retract and apologize for inaccurate information if properly reported to me.

Ideas are meant to be shared. Rebecca Sargent grants permission to reprint of any of her content on this site for non-commercial purposes, as long as she is acknowledged as the author and a link to the original posting is included in the reprinted version. If you would like to reprint any of the other authors’ submissions on the site, please contact apeaceofconflict@gmail.com so that permission can be obtained from the author.

This is a space about speaking openly about global conflict, respecting diversity and differences of opinions. However, submissions or comments that are directly promoting violence, racism, disrespect to other users, ad hominem attacks or discrimination will not be printed. For these reason, all comments are held in waiting to be approved. If you feel I have wrongfully withheld your comment (it may just have got caught in my spam filter!), or feel that a current comment should be removed from one of our pages/posts because it is offensive, please engage me in conversation about it (via email or comment) and I will look into it immediately– 🙂

If you feel one of our own posts is offensive, promoting violence, racism, is disrespectful or discriminatory; please email me and I will do my best to rectify the problem immediately.

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  1. Thank you ariniaina! Please check out the latest post on the situation in Madagascar. I would love some local input!

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