Call for writers

Unfortunately, A Peace of Conflict is mostly inactive at the moment, so we are currently unable to fact check submissions, as is our normal policy. This means we are currently not accepting submissions. This may change in the future. Please check back here for more details. 

Blog Contributors: Do you have an opinion on a global conflict issue? Have you experienced war or extreme violence? Do current systems and structures make you angry, happy, sad? Do you have an idea for peace or know of a conflict transformation strategy that has been successful? Do you have an academic essay on issues of conflict that you want to share? Do you just like to rant about conflict or global systems? We are looking for blog contributors and writers. Send us your rants, your academic work, your poetry, your art, your sketches, your photos, your memories, your observances, and your writing to

Media Spotting: Do you frequently check global conflict or humanitarian news? You can help us spotting news stories about conflict zones to share. Please email us for more details.

Dictionary contributors: We need help writing our collaborative online dictionary. Help us define and refine common peace and conflict terms. Feel free to email us with suggestions or entries or write them in the comments below each word.

Do you disagree with what we say completely?: Write us about it and we will gladly print the opposing view as long as it is done with respectful language.  We love dialogue and would love to hash out differing opinions and will always retract and apologize for inaccurate information if properly reported to us.

This is a space about speaking openly about global conflict, respecting diversity and differences of opinions. However, submissions or comments that are directly promoting violence, racism, disrespect to other users or discrimination will not be printed. If you feel we have wrongfully withheld your comment (it may just have got caught in our spam filter!), or feel that a current comment should be removed from one of our pages/posts because it is offensive, please engage us in conversation about it (via email or comment) and we will look into it immediately– 🙂

If you feel one of our own posts is offensive, promoting violence, racism, disrespect or discrimination; please email us and we will do our best to rectify the problem immediately.

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