Bombers Kill Policemen in Russia

MOSCOW — A suicide bomber killed at least two police officers in the restive North Caucasus region of Russia on Monday, officials said, the latest in a spate of such attacks, including a double bombing on the Moscow subway, that have killed more than 50 people in the last week. In Monday’s attack, in Ingushetia, a mostly Muslim region bordering Chechnya, a bomber blew himself up next to a police car in the town of Karabulak, a statement on the web site of the Prosecutor General’s Investigative Committee said.

Kazbek Basayev/Reuters

A soldier at the site of a bombing in the town of Karabulak in Ingushetia on Monday.

“As a result of the explosion the suicide bomber died at the scene, and three police officers were taken to the hospital with blast trauma,” the statement said. “Two of them died.”

Less than an hour after the attack, a second bomb placed in a car exploded near a police headquarters close to the initial blast, according officials, causing several injuries.

While attacks against police officers in the North Caucasus region are not uncommon, the suicide bombings last Monday in Moscow, which killed 40 people, have raised fears that the long-simmering violence in southern Russia could be spreading.

A Chechen separatist leader, Doku Umarov, took responsibility for the Moscow attacks last week, vowing to bring the violence of the North Caucasus to those Russians who only “hear about the war on television and the radio.”

Russian investigators have identified one of the Moscow bombers as Dzhanet Abdullayeva, the 17-year-old widow of a former militant leader who had ties to Mr. Umarov.

Ms. Abdullayeva came from a small town in Dagestan, another region of the North Caucasus where two explosions last Wednesday killed at least 12 people, mostly police officials. One of those explosions was carried out by a suicide bomber wearing a police uniform.


spotted by RS

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