Six killed in bombings near Baghdad: Iraqi police

11:37am EST

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Six people were killed and 21 wounded when two bombs exploded south of Baghdad on Friday, Iraqi police said.

Police said one bomb was planted in a shop in the town of Yusufiya, 20 km (12 miles) south of Baghdad. When police rushed to the scene, a second bomb planted in a car detonated. Two of the dead were police officers.

Located in what used to be one of the most violent areas of Iraq — the so-called “Triangle of Death” — Yusufiya regularly is rocked by bombings.

Overall violence in Iraq has fallen to levels not seen since the 2003 U.S.-led invasion sparked widespread sectarian bloodshed, but attacks by suspected Sunni Islamists like al Qaeda remain common and could pick up ahead of a March election.

Friday’s bombings occurred as Iraq’s Oil Ministry in Baghdad staged its second auction of oilfield contracts since the invasion. Devastating bombings in the capital on Tuesday killed around 112 people.


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