Security Council meets on Côte d’Ivoire amid concerns about stalled elections

27 May 2010 – The Security Council is meeting today to discuss the United Nations peacekeeping in Côte d’Ivoire amid ongoing concerns about the stalled electoral process and the political impasse affecting the country.

It was hoped that presidential polls, which were supposed to have been held as far back as 2005, could be held in March this year, but they were postponed yet again after voter registration was suspended and political tensions began to mount.

The mission, known as UNOCI, has been in place since 2004 in the West African nation, which became split by civil war in 2002 into a rebel-held north and Government-controlled south, and has been providing logistical and technical assistance to the electoral process.

In his latest report on UNOCI, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon recommended maintaining the mission until the end of 2010 – with the same current total strength of its military and police components – “in order to give Côte d’Ivoire a chance to walk the final mile to the elections with the full support of the United Nations.”

If the Security Council approves such an extension, Mr. Ban also recommends an adjustment of the mission’s mandate to allow it to focus on helping the parties to implement the remaining priority tasks in the peace process, including those related to elections, disarmament and all aspects of the reunification of the country.


spotted by RS

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